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  • Gender and Forest Management: The Joida Experiences. Mysore: CIDA-Shastri Partnership Project Publication, 2002.
  • Women in Technical Education. New Delhi: Sharada Prakashana, 1989.


  • Hosadaari 11-12: (Collection of columns on social issues published in Kannada daily Prajavani during 2011 &2012) Mysore: Jyoti Prakashana, 2012.
  • Hosadaari (Collection of columns on social issues published in Kannada daily Prajavani during 2009 &2010) Mysore: Jyoti Prakashana, 2010.
  • Manushi (Collection of Columns on gender related themes published in the Kannada daily Prajanudi between 2002 and 2006) Mysore: Sarah Enterprises, 2007.
  • Streevada Diksuchi (Feminism-A Reader), Hampi: Kannada University, 2007(Third Edition). The First (1995) and Second (1999) Editions were published by Samata Adhyana Kendra, Mysore.
  • Mahile, Samaaja Mattu Samskruti (Women, Society and Culture). Hampi: Kannada University, 2002.
  • Mahile Mattu Kautumbika Himse (Women and Domestic Violence), Mysore: Yashoda Ra.gow Trust, 2000.
  • Bharatiya Samaaja (Indian Society), Kannada Pustaka Pradhikara, Bangalore: Government of Karnataka, 1995.
  • Moodhanambikegalu (Superstitions), Mysore: The Family Planning Association of India, First Edition, 1989, Second Edition, 1994.
  • Saamajika Samshodhana Vidhanagalu (Research Methods in Social Sciences), Mysore: Vidyasagar Printing and Publishing House, First Edition, 1979; Second Edition, 1986; Third Edition, 2001.


  • Themes in Sociology of Education (Studies in Indian Sociology) , New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2011.

  • Baseline Data on Villages in the Joida Taluk of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka , Mysore : Shastri Applied Research Project Publication 2006.

  • Manual for Effective Self-Help Group Management, (with Karim Aly Kassam in English and Kannada), Mysore: Shastri Applied Research Project Publication 2006.

  • Environment, Forestry and Gender: A Select Bibliography (with Karim Aly Kassam), Mysore: CIDA-Shastri Partnership Project Publication, 2001.

  • Gender and Society in India (2 Volumes) (with D.K. Behera as co-editor), Volume 1: Theme Papers and Urban Studies, Volume Two: Rural and Tribal Studies. New Delhi: Manak Publications Limited, 1999.


  • Samaaja Shastra (Sociology-Subject Encyclopedia), Principal Editor, Mysore: Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies, University of Mysore, 2012.

  • Sociology-Part One and Sociology-Part Two,Volume 1: Textbook for First Pre-University Volume Two: Textbook for Second Pre-University, Hampi: Kannada University, 1997.

Work in Progress

Course Coordinator: Society and Education, E-Pathashala Project , UGC.

Chief Editor, English-Kannada Sociology Glossary being published by National Translation Mission, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Department of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Chief Editor, Translation of the book Sociology by Anthony Giddens, National Translation Mission, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Department of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Subject Expert, Sociology Encyclopaedia being published under the aegis of the IBH Kannada Vishvakosha (Encyclopaedia) Project.

In English Books

  • “Convergence between Sociology and Literature: Crossing the Indo-Canadian Borders” ,Convergence and Configurations of Disciplines: Canada and India (Editors: B.Hariharan and P.P. Ajayakumar), New Delhi: Creative Books, 2014.
  • “Education and the Girl Child” ,Schooling, Stratification and Inclusion: Some Reflections on the Sociology of Education in India (Editor: Yogendra Singh), New Delhi: National Council of Educational Research and Training, 2011.
  • “Social Justice: The Hidden Faces”, Backward Classes and Social Change (Editors: MH Makwana &Richard Pais), Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2011.
  • “Fructured Aboriginal Identities and the Struggle for Land Rights in Canada: The Calder Saga” ,Ethnicity and Identity: India and Canada (Editor: M.Dasan), New Delhi: Creative Books, 2009
  •  “Battered and Bound in their Own Homes: Does Family Violence have an Answer?Family Violence in IndiaHuman Rights, Issues, Actions and International Comparisons (Editor: Swati Shirwadkar), Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2009.
  • “Gendered Dimension of Care among Forest Dwellers of the Western GhatsGenderscapes: Revisioning Natural Resource Management (Editor: Sumi Krishna) New Delhi: Zuban, 2008.

In Kannada Books

  • “Streevaadi Samshodhane-Samakaaleena Samshodhane: Enu?Etta? Aruhu Kuruhu (Editors: H.S.Umesh and Haalati Somashekar)Vismaya Prakashana, Mysore: 2014.
  • “Streevada Mattu Bharatiyate: Stree Samvedana Sahityada Punar Vimarshegondu Aahvana” (Feminism and Indianness: Invitation to Revisit Gender Sensitive Literature). Dharani Hejjeya Saddu (Editor: Kavita Rai), Pooja Mudrana Mattu Prakashana, Mysore: 2012.
  • “Ma Na Ja Virachita Ambedkar Mattu Saamajika Nyaya” (Ambedkar and Social Justice). Ma Na Ja Sahitya Samagra Adhyana (Editors: M. Leelavati & S. Narendra Kumar), Mysore: Bahujana Media Centre, 2010.
  • “Karnatakadalli Aranyavaasi Samudayagala Jeevana” (Life of Forest Dependent Communities in Karnataka). Suvarna Karnataka: Samaaja Mattu Samskruti (Editors: C.V Mulgunda and G.M. Hegde), Hubli: Sahitya Prakashana, 2006.
  • “Bahishkara Mattu Shuddhikarana” (Excommunication and Purification). Kannada Vishvavidyala Vishvakosha: 3 DHARMA (A Subject Encyclopedia of Religion), 2000.

Newspaper Columns

  • MELPANKTI: A Weekly Column on Education and Gender Issues being published in the Kannada Daily KANNADA JANAMANA from May 2014.
  • HOSADAARI: A Fortnightly Column on Social and Gender issues published in the Kannada Daily PRAJAVANI between January 2009 and May 2013). The 128 columns published in the series have been published in the form of two books in 2010 and 2012.
  • MANUSHI: A Fortnightly Column on Women’s issues published in the Kannada Daily PRAJANUDI from 2002-2005. The 87 columns published in the series during this period were compiled in the form of a book in 2006.